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Hatchery technician

Gårdsfisk was founded by entrepreneurs Johan Ljungquist (marine biologist) and Mikael Olenmark (civil engineer). The water-loving salesman and the technically brilliant "designer" teamed up - and developed the concept of "fish farming on land". Gårdsfisk started its operations in 2013.

Gårdsfisk currently has around 30 employees and has an ambitious plan for the coming years.

The farm is located in Skättilljunga – 25 minutes from Kristianstad, 45 minutes from Lund, 55 minutes from Malmö. The office is on the farm – with the fish farming on the other side of the farm. Gårdsfisk is growing and now we are looking for an hatchery technician to join our team of 5 persons.


The main part of the job will consist of taking care of our animals and develop and improve the production in the hatchery unit. You will make sure that the production and logistics flows runs smoothly regarding this unit, and ensure the welfare of the fish. You will work under the responsibility of the hatchery manager, and punctually with the rest of the production team (routines, grading, mean weights,)… Further ahead you will possibly evolve and receive new responsibilities as the company grows. Our hatchery is working on two species which will be in the daily job, both Tilapia and Clarias have interest in our company and the welfare of our fish is the priority.

Your work tasks will include, among other things:

  • Daily maintenance in the hatchery department

  • Eggs collection from Tilapia breeders, cleaning and maintenance

  • Control mean weight, feeding, welfare of the fish and perform grading

  • Put in motion and maintain logistic flows regarding the fish (how and when the transportation of fish should be operated within the pre-growing site)

  • Follow daily routines, planning and proposition regarding the work tasks in combination with establishing routines around the stockfish

  • Follow the quality systems and biosecurity, ensuring that the facility meets hygiene standards

  • Sanitary maintenance of livestock systems and monitoring water quality of the production system

  • Involvements in ongoing projects including contact with scientists and universities or other project partners

  • Participating in our weekend routine (every 5 weeks)


We believe you have a bachelor degree degree in a relevant area, preferably oriented in the fish area (with subjects such as aquaculture, aquaponics, marine biology, fish breeding or animals in general). If you don’t have an education within this scope, we would like to see that you have work experience regarding aquaculture or minimum have worked with animals before. However, we highly value your suitability to the team.


We believe that you appreciate hands on work together with the team of technical staff. It would be positive if you have an interest in breeding work, or how to to secure genetic strains with the highest quality. We believe that you as a person is curious, punctual and proactive in your work. It is important that you work systematically, methodically and in a reliable way. Further on it is of great importance that you can be independent in your work, but at the same time a team player. Lastly we are looking for someone who can bring a good energy to the workplace, and someone who is good at communicating with their colleagues. As the hatchery is still growing and have high bio security the enrolled person should have the capacity to work alone.

A driver’s license, at least B is mandatory. Good knowledge of English, both written, read and spoken, is a must.


We can offer you a varied, exciting and fun position in a company that wants to grow and develop further. You will get the possibility to work on different topics (hatchery, pre-growing, internal research, breeding and genetics) as well as with different partners such as universities, other companies etc. For us, it is important that you feel proud of the company that receives your time and commitment, that you like your tasks and that you think it is fun and pleasant to be with us during the day.


Please send in your application and resume in English, as well as mark your application with "hatchery technician". We process the applications on an ongoing basis, so send in your application today!

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